Kleban Properties

We have worked with Cliff Rubin for many years, so it was an easy decision when we were ready to undertake a major redesign for our website. Cliff met with us to understand the vision and was attentive throughout the entire process. Part of the integration process involved collaboration with an outside vendor of ours and Cliff was available and easy to work with. He guided us through technical aspects of the project that otherwise would have been difficult to understand and made the project manageable. We are thrilled with the look of our new website – it is current and impressive. Cliff truly delivered exactly what we had envisioned.

Bailey Kleban
Kleban Properties


Cliff sharpened my ideas for the site and made things better every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. And getting to that point was an enjoyable and creative collaborative process. Cliff had great suggestions, he listens and he gets things done quickly with attention to detail. If I ever want to create another site, I’ll be going right back to Cliff.

Gregg Birnbaum

Diane Haeger

I am absolutely thrilled with my new author website… From the very beginning, Cliff really listened about what I was trying to achieve, and he worked patiently, professionally, and swiftly, to get it where it needed to be. If that wasn’t enough, he resuscitated my older website that had been languishing for years, bringing it out of the dark ages. I only wish I needed a third website since he is such a pleasure to work with!

Diane Haeger, author

Cheré Campbell

Cliff, I don’t know how to thank you enough. I really appreciate all the talent you bring to this, with your artistry, design sense, and ability to translate what I was thinking into a visual reality. I am grateful too for how much fun you have made not only the site but the whole process of working on it.

Chere Campbell

Kidney & Urology Foundation of America

The Kidney & Urology Foundation has been a client of JonasWeb since 2008. Cliff Rubin is very talented and a complete professional. He is a dedicated worker and has always ensured that the job was completed on time and within budget. He is also extremely accessible and responsive.

Cliff is the only webmaster we have ever had that everyone here is completely happy with.

Kidney & Urology Foundation of America, Inc.

Arizona Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology

Cliff Rubin of JonasWeb is a fantastic website developer. If you want someone who is extremely professional, technically knowledgeable, reasonably priced and forthright about what works and doesn’t work on websites, it’s Cliff. I’ve been working with him for years now and I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Florence Rosiello, PhD
Arizona Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology

Broden Communciations

You will be hard pressed to find a better web designer than Cliff Rubin. He is a master at his craft while also being a total pleasure to work with. I recently hired him to overhaul my company’s website, and the process could not have been smoother. He was extraordinarily responsive to my (many) requests, gave spot-on advice throughout, and was so darn easy to work with. Most importantly, I am beyond thrilled with the result. My new site is better than I ever expected. You need a new web designer? No brainer: Cliff’s your man.

Dan Broden

The Women’s Travel Group

The whole website redesign process was not as scary as I had thought. Moreover, you are extremely patient and forgiving to a non-computer person. The user-friendly final result has made my daily work less stressful. Thank you again!

Phyllis Stoller
The Women’s Travel Group

Clear Your Space East

I’ve worked with a handful of web designers in the past and they made everything feel so complicated and difficult. Working with Cliff was quite the opposite experience. It literally was like hitting the ‘easy button.’ He kept things straightforward and simple, not to mention affordable for a small business owner like myself! I can’t thank him enough for making what was once an anxiety-provoking experience into a “non-thing.” I feel like he’s opened up a bunch of possibilities as I continue to expand my web presence. Thank you Cliff for being awesome at what you do! No doubt, you’re my new web guy now!

Sandra Schustack

The Father’s Day / Mother’s Day Council, Inc.

Working with Cliff over the last 10+ years has been just great! He is organized, dependable, and accurate in his work. In addition, he always has excellent suggestions… a real pro, he makes it “easy”.

Dana P. Verrill, Executive Director

Penguin HR Consulting

Thank you for the beautiful job you did on resuscitating my website. It had languished for so long and the work you did in turning my ideas into reality in an incredibly short period of time was nothing short of heroic. You have done more than I thought possible and delivered on everything you promised. Thanks for everything.

Ronald Katz, President

DRiVE Consulting

From the first redesign of my website through the newly rebranded site, Cliff was, and continues to be, a pleasure to work with. He is both knowledgeable and accessible – two key qualities for a web designer. Cliff always has the best interests of his clients at heart. He taught me how to edit my website’s content, so that I could update the webcopy at my own pace. That seemingly little gesture gave me a heightened sense of pride of ownership over the site. Kudos, Cliff.

Adam Krim

The Aaron & Geoff Team at Compass

Cliff was incredible to work with, and fosters a collaborative and engaging process from start to finish. We didn’t have to stress about a single thing.

We’re very thankful for him getting this done for us, and highly recommend his services for when you need a new website!

Aaron Kass

Connecticut Neuroscience, PC

I just wanted to say that I LOVE THE WEB SITE! Thank you for keeping focused on it for the extended time I needed. I can’t thank you enough. It really came out great and I know this is what you do, but you should be very proud of the work. I know I am!

Very satisfied customer,

Dr. David Glassman
Connecticut Neuroscience, PC

Goodman Agency


I always recommend you. For two reasons:

  1. You are awesome.
  2. I don’t know any other web designers because I don’t need to. Refer back to #1.

Irene Goodman

Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum

Our outdoor theater in Topanga, California was in desperate need of a new website and a colleague highly recommended Cliff Rubin of JonasWeb. What a lucky day that was! Cliff led us through the process of selecting our new look, transporting information and giving us a site that was user-friendly for both patrons and staff. Since then, he’s been readily available to address all the little things we (inevitably) forgot.

Using JonasWeb was one of the best marketing decisions I’ve ever made.

Michael Price Nelson, Marketing Director
Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum

Maina Foundation

Thanks, Cliff, for your amazing work, and for coming through for us time and time again.

Natalie Sambamurty
Maina Foundation

Camp Hillard

Cliff Rubin has done and continues to do an outstanding job in working with us to develop and continue a great web site. He has much knowledge about designing and maintaining web sites, and he has always developed creative and effective solutions to meet our ever-changing and growing needs.

Cliff is also a pleasure to work with. He is patient, intelligent, and works very well with us.

I highly recommend JonasWeb to anyone interested.

Jon Libman
Camp Hillard

Mirsky Digital

As I like to say, Cliff is as responsive as his websites (geek joke based on responsive design)! Extremely reliable and responsive, he’s a clear thinker who doesn’t overcomplicate the task at hand. We have collaborated on many a project, including websites for a celebrity author, high-end home builder, and a division of Dartmouth College. He’s smart and resourceful and solutions-oriented. I consider him a trusted colleague and key member of my network.

Jennifer Mirsky
Mirsky Digital

Tom Leopold

The brilliant job Cliff Rubin did on my website makes me want to hire myself… unfortunately, thanks to Cliff, I can now command so much for my services I can no longer afford myself! Thanks Cliff!

Tom Leopold
Comedy Writer

New York Neurofeedback

It’s a real pleasure to have JonasWeb providing website expertise so thoroughly and so well. Cliff brings a high level of knowledge and resources to his work. His turnaround time is the best I have ever experienced. My website is instrumental to the success of my business, and it makes a big difference to know I have such capable resources available to support that.

Catherine Boyer
New York Neurofeedback